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As a company, it might be difficult to find affordable IT Services in Vancouver. We can help your business to reduce your IT overhead, increase employee productivity and maximize your technology investments.

Data Backup Services: Backup your data with our cloud storage solutions in Vancouver to ensure you don't lose all important files and images.


Server Administration: Our tech team can manage and monitor the performance of the computer servers in a company's office or data center. We are indeed the fastest server company near you


Firewall Protection: In order to protect your business assets, it is important to setup network firewall protection to make sure that you don't get the intruder to steal your database, financial information or install the virus to crashes your server and cause your business lose thousands of dollars. Our firewall protection software will keep your systems safe and sound. 


Server Optimization: As a business owner, you need to perform regular server maintenance to optimize your servers to make sure each system is running smoothly and won't crash on you.


Wireless network: We can set up your wireless networks in Vancouver. We offer VPN, LAN, and WAN. These reliable wireless networks to make sure everyone in the company can share their work files, printers, NAS or share Wi-Fi and secure remote login to the server. This could help your business save the labor and leverage efficiency working performance.

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