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TV Installation

Video Wall Installation

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Free Estimate

Azone IT offers free site visit with the best TV installation for any room in your residential or commercial area. We’ve also included a mini portfolio including our collection of photos featuring customer homes, offices, E-Sports events, bars and restaurants.

Most of the photos are taken with a simple phone camera. So, please excuse any imperfections or poor lighting because we aren’t photographers. We’re just the best IT Company in Vancouver.

Basic TV Installation:

* Mount, Level & Secure TV 

* No Cables Shown If Pre-Wired

* Cleanly

* Test System

* Up to 65" --- $220

Basic TV Installation.PNG

Raceway TV Installation:

* Mount, Level & Secure TV

* All Cables Routed Inside Wire Track

   Molding Outside of Wall

* Cleanly

* Test System

* Up to 65" ---$250​

TV Mount Raceway.PNG

Professional TV Installation:

* Mount, Level & Secure TV

* Up to 3 cables in-wall wiring 

* Cleanly

* Connecting up to 3 devices

* Up to 65" ---$350


Additional Charge May Apply:

* Mounting on to Concrete, Brick or         Stone $50 extra

* Mounting Sound Bard $80 extra

* Extra Charge on Large TV

* Uninstalling Existing equipment $30

* Remove Existing or Recyle TV $50



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